As part of the LPC Latin celebrations of 30 years, completed at the end of July, the company launches an augmented reality application: the LPC AR Project, which promotes a visit inside the projects developed by the company, offering its clients an experience within reach.

Following the company’s intention to expand its range of services by investing in technological solutions, LPC Latina, which works in the areas of Projects, Civil Works Instrumentation and Technical Management and has always been at the forefront of these sectors, is committed to innovation as differential in front of the market, transforming the way of offering such specific services. “Today, we have already led the technology instrumentation market through GE.N.I.O., which is our own and is the most versatile and complete software for Instrumentation and works management in Brazil. Now, with the LPC AR Project, we are also pioneers in the Projects area “, details Renato Gama, partner and Executive Director of LPC Latina.

According to him, the idea came after the contribution in other important technologies in recent years. “We’ve already used BIM (Building Information Modeling), 3D Modeling with Drones, and Virtual Design Review. It lacked some solution for the cell phone, since today we are connected 24 hours a day “. With the application, the company’s goal is to revolutionize the way it presents its projects and contribute to customer decision-making. “We want to increase assertiveness in the management of the projects and teams involved in order to boost productivity gains, guaranteeing a delivery that generates the best results,” he explains.


With simple and intuitive use, once installed, the client receives login and password sent by the Manager of his account. Upon login, a PUSH is sent by LPC Latina, informing that your project is available for navigation. From there, simply select the file and focus the smartphone on any smooth surface to delimit the area and the project will appear on the screen. It will then be possible to have an expanded view of the enterprise.