We are LPC Latina, a three decade company with knowledge at the engineering sector. We develop projects, civil instrumentantion constructions and technical management, specially in the port infrastrucuture and intermodal terminals, contributing with the improvement and eficiency of ports and brazilian and internationals logistics systems.

With more than 870 projects developed, 900 instrumentation and 70 managed works in the last eight years, our partnerships is based on trust, technical knwoledge and customization. Each client is unique and this is our goal to search the best results linked with a safety work enviroment and guaranteed delivery.

This becomes possible because we are responsible and also invest in innovation. We are certified in the norms ISO9001: 2015, in which we are pioneers in the engineering segment; ISO14001: 2015; and OHSAS 18001: 2007. In addition, we lead the technology instrumentation market, delivering results through an online system (GE.N.I.O.), which enables our customers to have immediate access to results.

To guarantee demand, we follow the market movements, which are constantly changing, and we have expanded our corporate structure, adding even more experience and resilience to our business. We have a multidisciplinary team, distributed in offices located in São Paulo, Santos and Rio de Janeiro, with more than 150 employees in different segments (administration, engineering, instrumentation).