Among our activities in the area of projects are:

• The preparation of economic and financial feasibility studies;

• The development of a preliminary project with the layout of the project;

• The basic design, which includes dimensional drawings, electrical and automation installations, drawings of electromechanical equipment, specifications and details of civil works and includes, also, the design of the documents required to contract the different services;

• And elaboration of the detailed documents of the executive project that counts on the forms and frames of the civil works, drawings of the electrical system, technical details of the equipment and their respective memorials of calculation.


Our instrumentation area was pioneered in Brazil as an active instrument, not merely informative, and has constant investments in innovation to meet the needs of each client and their projects.


Among the activities that deserve mention are:

• Development of continuous measurement of repression to evaluate the effect of installation of continuous bulb nozzles and also used for the monitoring of tunnels under water bodies (eg: Ibirapuera lake, Pinheiros river);

• Monitoring of neutral pressures online to verify the effects of damage to the clayey masses, when making injections (example: Ayrton Senna tunnel);

• Convergence measures prior to the removal of cores in tunnels;

• Calculations of horizontal displacements (reading points to each meter measured horizontally) within the massif to be excavated (example: Lisbon-Portugal subway);

• Evaluation of displacement vectors in tunnels, information of superior quality to simple convergence (example: Tunnels of the Rodão Fernão Dias and Rodoanel – Tunnel 2);

• Measurement of the transfer of loads between new and existing structures (examples: Metrôs of São Paulo and Brasília);


GE.N.I.O. System


With the most agile, precise and technological model offered to the segment, our GE.N.I.O. provides the information in real time regarding the readings of the works for our clients, who access the tool through an individual and unlimited login and password. In the restricted environment it is possible to follow the measurements and to simulate the various situations of the works.


Through the tool, we have the ability to trigger alerts to our clients in various situations, such as when an instrument reaches the value of attention or some important document is made available. All via email or SMS with direct and automatic access to information. In addition, as a differentiator in the market, we have staff and logistics to meet emergency situations and requests.


In order for a work to be successful and carried out within the stipulated time, respecting the approved costs and within the standards of quality and performance demanded by the client, it is necessary that there be an active management.


With expertise in this segment, we offer our clients the management of the implementation of the project, including the quality control of the projects, the inspection of the works and the technical follow-up, besides that the inspection and diligence with the equipment suppliers.


It is important to note that we rely on the client’s DNA in our team, that is, our employees have already worked in leading companies in the Brazilian port segment.