We were responsible for the basic and executive project of the containment and sediment accumulation dam, coming from the Risoleta Neves HPP reservoir, in the city of Rio Doce, in the state of Minas Gerais.

This project comprises a mass of compacted soil and a free-spillway spillway. In the execution of the mass of earth, two constructive phases were foreseen. In addition, additional excavations were required to perform the treatment of the foundation by means of cut-off.

For Construction Phase 1, the section of the land mass is of the homogeneous type, with a height of 10 meters, a crest width of 5 meters, and slopes with slopes of 1 (V): 2 (H) upstream and downstream . In phase 2 of construction, there is a height of 15 meters, width of the ridge of 5 meters, and slopes with inclinations of 1 (V): 2 (H) upstream and downstream, and intermediate berth with width of 5 meters.

The dam is composed of internal drainage system by vertical filter and drainage mat of the sandwich type. The spillway of reinforced concrete is of the free-sill type, with width of 12 meters and composed of hydraulic ladder and basin of dissipation.