SISGEO, a company of which LPC Latina is a partner and representative in Brazil, has just launched another tool in its portfolio, aimed at the railway industry: the FLX-Rail. The modern instrument allows for the complete and accurate active monitoring of the rails quickly and totally efficiently.

Fixed under the rails by means of two powerful magnets, the equipment automatically and continuously measures the maximum vertical deformation of the rail at each train crossing. The innovative SBV (Start By Vibe, or, in Portuguese, Initiated By Vibration) technology is responsible for activating the device moments before the wagons cross the railway.

The data obtained allow the calculation of the torsion under load, as well as the evolution of the static track inclination. In conjunction with a PT-100 probe, also supplied by SISGEO, it is also possible to measure the temperature of the rail coating.

Learn some specifications about FLX-Rail:
There are 4 geometric parameters that are important for train safety: slope, track alignment, longitudinal leveling and twisting. All can be measured in static mode (without train load) or dynamic mode (with train load);

FLX-Rail can measure all possible risks involving instability and conditions of the rails and instantly report movement trends, making all operations much safer;

The equipment works in standby mode to save energy, but thanks to the SBV technology, it starts automatically, “waking up” the device to any vibration;

After each measurement, complete data is available for analysis, such as maximum vertical displacement, rail temperature, biaxial rail slope, internal temperature, internal humidity and voltage supply.