Operating in different Infrastructure segments, LPC Latina has just completed the Executive Project of earthwork, drainage, geometric, road and signaling for the construction of the Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor (RMB), a project by Amazônia Azul Tecnologias de Defesa SA (Amazul) in partnership with the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN).

The highly complex reactor is located in the municipality of Iperó, in the interior of São Paulo, in an area adjacent to the Industrial and Nuclear Center of Aramar, and its main objective is the production of radioisotopes, which are the basis for radiopharmaceuticals used in medicine also applied in industry, agriculture and the environment.

This is the first major step for Brazil to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of inputs for the manufacture of substances for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases, expanding the access of the entire population to the benefits of nuclear technology.