LPC Latina is responsible for carrying out geological and geotechnical assessments and surveys, as well as the respective cubing and exploration project for the loan areas for the construction materials of Torto Dam. The structure is located in the municipality of Barão de Cocais (MG) and its purpose is to store the tailings from the operation of the Brucutu Mine, by the VALE company, and also has the function of recirculating the operational water of the Mine plant.

The Torto Dam refers to a compacted soil embankment, with an internal drainage system by an inclined filter and draining carpet, resulting in a height of approximately 50 meters in its largest section and 600 meters of crest length (horizontal top). The execution will include a total volume of construction on the ground of approximately 1.8 Mm³, with a reservoir of almost 16 Mm³. It will also have an overflow system, on a free sill, located in the region of the left abutment, which allows the flow of floods to flow, considering the Maximum Probable Precipitation, that is, the maximum volume of rainfall in the region.

The potential loan areas, assessed and prospected by LPC Latina, are located at Fazenda Vale Verde, in the vicinity of the municipality of São Gonçalo do Rio Below, approximately 35 kilometers from the dam. Based on the assessments and respective cubing and exploration projects, soils in suitable conditions are sought, with a figure of the order of 1.0 Mm³.

The LPC Latina team is part of a Geology team in field surveys, in addition to monthly geotechnical monitoring of the work. Among the activities, it is worth highlighting the interpretation of laboratory geotechnical tests to characterize and specify the materials prospected in the loan areas.

For this entire operation, the LPC teams guarantee the execution of the compaction of the massif and the workability of the construction material in periods of rain, through the use of temporary canvas cover, both in the massif and in the experimental landfill.