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Automated seismographs at the Pedreiras and Duas Pontes dams

In December 2020, we completed the installation of automated seismographs to monitor the Pedreiras and Duas Pontes dams, which are under construction and will guarantee water supply in nearby cities. The equipment, supplied by our partner SISGEO and which have solar panels, guarantees the safety of the structures, measuring...

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Basic and Executive Project for the Ageo-Copape Complex

At the end of 2017, we carried out the basic and executive project for Pier 2 of the Ageo-Copape Complex on Barnabé Island, located in the Port of Santos. Developed for the operation of liquids, the pier contemplates the expansion of the existing structure by approximately 370 meters, which...

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Expansion Project of the Libra Terminal

In order to make its Port of Santos terminal the most modern, competitive, and capable of receiving the largest container ships in the world, Libra hired our services to develop the following projects: – Structural executive project to reinforce the Terminal 33 Pier; – Structural executive project to expand...

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Itapoa port

We are managing the Itapoá Port expansion project, which takes place in a total area of over 300,000 m², in the city of Itapoá (SC). The project, which has its work carried out by Piacentini Tecenge do Brasil, includes: – Backspace, divided into two phases: “A” (100 thousand m²...

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Tiplam management

Our team was contracted by Vale to integrate all the On-shore and Off-Shore Executive Projects of TIPLAM – Port Integrator Terminal Luiz Antonio Mesquita, currently operated by VLI. In addition, we participate in the Executive Planning for the implementation of the works and we also act as ATO (technical...

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